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How to Wear Our Brightest Shoes

Eyeing a pair of our bright pink washable flats but not sure how you’d wear them? We’ve got a few ideas. Yes, pairing colorful shoes with your outfit does require a bit more thought and effort than simply throwing on a versatile pair of black shoes, but bright footwear can take a very normal outfit and make it special with a touch of personality. Whether you prefer to add a simple pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit or make an already bold outfit even bolder, we’ve got styling tips for you. Now go ahead and give your look a boost from the feet up this season with our brightest, most colorful flats, slides, and sandals.  

woman wearing coral washable flats with light-blue jeans

Jeans & Neutrals

Pairing bright shoes with jeans or neutrals (like black, white, and beige) is the easiest way to add a pop of color to your outfit. They carry bright shoes well without overwhelming your look. This method should work with pretty much any bright color, and it goes for all denim—dresses, skirts, and even jumpsuits. Our Blackbird flats in coral reef also look fresh with white, while gray offers a softer alternative to classic black. And if you’re looking for a little extra color, you can add in colorful accessories that either match or complement your shoes.

woman wearing yellow washable flats with yellow wide-leg pants

Similar Colors

You can never go wrong with head-to-toe monochrome. The bold mustard hue of these washable Blackbird flats looks fantastic when paired with a simple outfit, like this golden-yellow jumpsuit. The shoes instantly become a standout feature, while the overall look remains chic and somewhat understated. A word of advice: Avoid wearing an extremely bright color, like bold yellows or neons, with an equally bright outfit. Instead, try a shade or two lighter or darker in the same color, as we’ve shown here. Yellow shoes also look great with any shade of blue (especially navy), black and white, or green. 

orange slides with colorfully printed jumpsuit

Prints with a Matching Color

Sometimes it’s fun to go all-in on color, and it’s not as hard to pull off as you might think. All you have to do is style your shoes with a print that has that same color in it.  You can accomplish this in two ways: starting with the print, choosing any color in the print, and wearing shoes in that color, or starting with the shoes and then finding a print that has that color in it—just like we did here. We began with our Songbird slides in copper and then found this colorful toucan jumpsuit. The print does the work for you of tying your look together!

woman wearing hot pink flats with yellow wide-leg pants

Complementary Colors

Choosing complementary colors involves a little bit of color theory, but we’re going to keep it as simple as possible. Basically, when looking at a color wheel, complementary colors appear directly across from each other. When paired together, complementary colors create a great outfit combo. In our case, we’ve paired our washable Blackbird flats in tropical with this golden-yellow jumpsuit.  Alternatively, colors that are warm in tone (like pink) blend well with other warm hues, such as orange. This tropical pink color would also look great with light- and medium-wash shades of denim, white, gray, and even minty greens.  

woman wearing orange sandals with printed wide-leg pants

Similar Colors + Patterns

Here, we’re going to take our styling tip about pairing similar colors to the next level by introducing patterns of a similar color. Think of this as a variation of monochrome, where the pattern or print is predominantly the same or similar to your shoe color. Basically, if your outfit has a main color in it, your shoes can be any shade of that color—just like we’ve done here with our Robin sandals in persimmon and these printed wide-leg pants.

Brightly colored shoes may not be as easy to style as classic black, but they’re so fun and a great way to add personality to any look. We hope we’ve given you a few easy and approachable tips for trying it out for yourself. Are you ready to give it a go this season with our brightest, most colorful flats, slides, and sandals?  

Looking for more tips to incorporate bold colors into your look? Check out our Trend Report on Color-Block Style + How to Wear It.