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6 No-Show Socks to Wear with Birdies Shoes

Whether it’s for comfort or to help prevent foot odor, some customers prefer to wear socks with Birdies shoes. If you tend to wear the same pair of shoes multiple days in a row or are prone to foot moisture, it could be a good idea to wear socks—particularly with any of our shoes that are satin-lined (they can get stinky fast). We generally recommend no-show socks and peds that are shallow on the top so they don't stick out. It can be tricky to find no-show socks that remain invisible with our Blackbird and Heron flats because of their short uppers (also known as the “vamp” in the shoe industry).

For customers who don’t mind the look of visible socks, we recommend an intentional ankle sock with fun patterns or sheer fashion socks (which are currently very trendy), especially with Spring dresses. They’re a fun alternative to no-show socks for our Starling, Heron, and Blackbird flats, and Who What Wear has a great roundup of sheer fashion socks to try.    

If you do choose to wear your Birdies barefoot (we do!), we recommend giving your shoes a day between wearings so that they can “breathe” and dry out before you put them on again. Now, without further ado, here are 6 great no-show sock options you can try with your Birdies flats and sneakers.

assortment of loafer-style flats

1. Bombas Low-Cut, No-Show Socks

The Details: Bombas’ low-cut, no-show socks are made from a lightweight fabric that fits nicely into shoes. The low cut is great for ballet flats, boat shoes, loafers, and espadrilles, and three silicone “stay-put” grips prevent these socks from slipping off your heels. Seamless toes eliminate bumps and bulk, while a contour construction fits the shape of the foot for all-day comfort.

Best With: The Swift; The Starling; The Heron; The Blackbird

Gekks No-Show “Socks”

The Details: Gekks makes no-show socks for flats, sneakers, slip-ons, loafers, heels, and wedges. Unlike most no-show socks, these lock into your shoes with a patented, semi-permanent adhesive. They live in your shoes (rather than wearing them on your feet), and antimicrobial yarn technology prevents odors. 

Best With: The Swift; The Starling; The Heron; The Blackbird

Peds Liner Socks

The Details: Peds’ liner socks are made from a lightweight fabric that prevents odors and fits nicely into shoes. Gel heel grips keep these socks in place all day and are good for various styles of flats and sneakers. Seamless toes eliminate bumps and bulk. 

Best With: The Swift; The Starling

assortment of slip-on sneakers

4. Thirty48 No-Show Socks

The Details: Thirty48’s no-show socks are made of soft cotton for comfortable, all-day wear. Silicone heel grips prevent slipping, while moisture-wicking properties keep feet cool and dry.  The material is a little thicker and more like an athletic sock than other no-show socks, so they’re best with sneakers, casual slip-ons, and flats with larger vamps. 

Best With: The Swift; The Starling

5. Lululemon Secret Sock

The Details: Lululemon’s secret socks have a barefoot feel, and they’ll keep your feet dry and comfortable with breathable mesh construction. Seamless toes reduce bulk inside your shoe. Their low-cut style works well with our Swift slip-on sneakers, and the heel grip is helpful if your shoes are causing any digging or heel scraping. 

Best With: The Swift

6. A New Day Liner Socks

The Details: A New Day liner socks from Target are made from a lightweight fabric that fits nicely into shoes. The gel heel grip protects feet from blisters and uncomfortable rubbing. These no-show socks are best with fuller coverage flats, slip-on sneakers, or booties. 

Best With: The Swift; The Starling 


We hope you’re ready to give some of these no-show sock options a try with Birdies flats and sneakers. If you have any no-show sock recommendations of your own, please share with us on Instagram or by emailing us at

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