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Behind the Design of Our Brand-New Logo

Longtime Birdies fans and followers may have noticed a little something different on our shoes lately. We’re officially transitioning away from the logo (our signature “B” framed by the outline of a home) that we’ve all known and loved for the past five years to a more mature, stronger, and iconic identity that better reflects who we are as a company today.

Behind the Unveiling

For this momentous announcement, we commissioned visual storyteller Thomas Beckner—whose portfolio includes campaigns with such prestigious brands as Rolex, Prada, L’Oreal, and Goop—and his team to create a fun animation as a playful way to introduce our brand-new Birdies logo! “We were honored to be tapped by Birdies during the rebranding exercise. The animation of the beautifully chic new logo needed to be simple, catchy, and elevated while hinting at themes such as evolution and growth. The whole Little Bear Studios team, including our animator @kaywaal, are thrilled to see Birdies flying high,” says Beckner. 

“The animation needed to be simple, catchy, and elevated while hinting at themes of evolution and growth.” –Thomas Beckner

new Birdies logo on packaging and black velvet flats

The 411 on Our New Design

We worked closely with designer Mackey Saturday (he’s done logos for such bigs brands as Oculus and Instagram!) to develop a logo that was specific to our brand and could stand alongside some of the most notable brands in the world. While his initial inspiration was drawn from the outline of our classic Starling silhouette to create the shape you see on our logo today, it actually represents so much more than just our shoes. When he presented it to our co-founders, Bianca and Marisa saw something more—a platform that lifts women up or a rocket ship propelling us all forward together. You’ll find our new logo on everything from our shoes and newly reimagined packaging to touchpoints at our SF store and branded merchandise, including Birdies hats!

woman catching new Birdies shoebox

In whatever way our new logo speaks to you, know that it symbolizes strength, unity, support, and love of our team, our community, and our mission of lifting up all women. 

Now, with all that said, are you ready to shop our collection of shoes and be among the first to own a pair of newly branded Birdies?