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Meet Our New Handwoven Starling Flats

The weather is getting warmer, and we have the perfect shoes for when you’re ready to step outside again. Our brand-new, handwoven, vegan-leather Starlings (yes, they’re vegan!) are the cool-meets-comfy flats made for Summer. Check out the features that make our woven Starlings the go-to flats of the season.

brown handwoven flats

Traditional Inspiration

Inspired by the timeless style of huaraches from Central America and bantus in India, each shoe is intricately woven by hand. Traditional huaraches originated in countryside farming communities in various regions of Mexico. The all-leather construction and thong structure are still made with handwoven, braided leather straps. Traditional Indian bantus hail from the Southwestern region of the country and started as slides with handwoven uppers and unique midsole braiding. Both have been adapted over the years from simple, all-leather shoes to include more complex constructions and a variety of materials. Our woven Starling flats combine traditional aspects of each shoe, along with a modern design that feels fresh and perfectly suited for Summer. 

Birdies handwoven flats in black, silver, brown, and white

Thoughtful Design

We designed these shoes with a basket weave perfect for hot days. Our lightest flats yet, this collection combines the breathability of a sandal with the sophistication of a loafer. Holes in the open weave are carefully placed for optimal airflow and ultimate comfort. 

Warm-Weather Hues

We chose a palette of soft Summer neutrals that will cover all your style needs for the season. Our woven Starling flats come in four colorways: white, silver, cognac, and classic black (our best-selling color!). This season, we introduce our first white flat and first fully metallic shoe, both of which add polish to even the most laid-back looks. The woven Starling is our answer to the classic Summer shoe—pair them with everything from sundresses to denim shorts to rompers and jumpsuits for a light, breezy look that’s effortlessly cool. 

Woman wearing black woven flats with feet up against ocean background

Premium Materials

These flats are 100% vegan—from the premium vegan leather uppers to the soles and even the adhesive binding! Carefully constructed to mold to your feet for ultimate comfort, we’ve also lined the shoe’s uppers and heel backing to protect against rubbing and chafing. 

Sit back, relax, and feel the light breeze on your feet. While we know this Summer will be different, we hope these woven flats are just the shoes you’re looking for this season.

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