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Introducing JUDY + Birdies: Limited-Edition Washable Flats

In emergencies, you need to think and act quickly. Timed for September’s National Preparedness Month, our limited-edition flats—designed in collaboration with safety preparedness company  JUDY—were created to help raise awareness and call attention to the importance of making an emergency plan. Read on for more details about this special collaboration and for a list of resources to help you start planning ahead.

JUDY bag with khaki camo flats

Behind the Collab

Inspired by the powerful statistic that 60% of Americans have no plan in place when faced with an emergency, Birdies joined forces with JUDY to come up with a way to help raise awareness around the importance of planning for any situation. 

“At Birdies, our mission is rooted in uplifting and supporting all women. Ensuring our community is provided with the awareness and tools to keep their families safe in emergency situations is reflective of that,” said Bianca Gates, Birdies CEO & Co-Founder. “JUDY’s mission of simplifying safety to help families through big and small emergencies is one we aligned with, and we look forward to raising awareness about preparedness through this special collection.” 

During an emergency, one of the most commonly forgotten steps is putting on shoes before evacuating. We recognized an opportunity to collaborate with Birdies and create a shoe that serves as a visual reminder of planning and preparation, ensuring you’re ready at the moments that matter most,” said JUDY Co-Founder and CEO, Simon Huck. 

The collaboration features two limited-edition JUDY + Birdies washable knit flats designed in our best-selling Blackbird silhouette. 

With each purchase of our JUDY + Birdies washable knit style, we’ll provide a 10% off code toward the JUDY kit of your choice to help equip you and your family for the future. 

And because emergencies and natural disasters impact so many people—including members of our own team—Birdies is also donating $10K to the American Red Cross to help support disaster relief efforts in communities across the country.

woman wearing heather gray flats and carrying JUDY bag

Planning & Preparedness Resources

What’s your next step to becoming a safer, more prepared you? 

Both JUDY and Birdies want you and your family to be ready for any situation, but if you’re not sure where to start with your plan, don’t worry. You’re not alone. JUDY has a great library of preparedness resources, including curated tips and guides based on your region, that you can use as a jumping-off point. Learn how to start prepping with these great JUDY resources: 

The JUDY Evacuation Packing List

Preparing for Natural Disaster Survival: 5 Things You Need

The Best Emergency Survival Kits Available

Looking for more information? Listen to our JUDY + Birdies conversation about taking the first step to becoming more prepared with Birdies’ co-founders Bianca Gates and Marisa Sharkey, JUDY founder Simon Huck, and Certified Emergency Manager Soraya Sutherlin. 

JUDY kit with khaki camo flats

More About JUDY

On a mission to make safety simple, JUDY provides customizable emergency preparedness kits designed to help families through big and small emergencies. By arming users with tools and knowledge to prepare for the unexpected, JUDY strives to make households across the country feel safer. 

Simon Huck, 16-year veteran of entertainment marketing and communications, started JUDY after witnessing close family and friends deal with emergencies across the country. Unfortunately, the common denominator in many of these situations is a fundamental lack of preparedness. He launched JUDY with a simple yet powerful mission — empower families with the knowledge and tools to be prepared for the unexpected.

Join @birdies and @readysetjudy in taking a step toward safety this month. Because when you prepare, you’ll have the tools and confidence to think on your feet.