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6 Vegan Shoes That Are Stylish & Comfortable

Interest in animal-free products continues to grow every year—today’s $25 billion global synthetic leather market is projected to skyrocket to $41 billion by 2027—and an increasing number of brands are getting on board. 

Luxury fashion houses—including Prada, Gucci, Burberry, Versace, and Coach—have committed to banning real fur from their collections. Topshop and Adidas have added vegan shoes to their offerings over the past year, and Stella McCartney now uses all vegan leather for its collections. 

So when you asked for more vegan shoe options from Birdies, we listened. Our latest handwoven Starling flats are 100% vegan—from the premium vegan leather uppers to the insoles, the bottom rubber soles, and even the bindings. “We always look for leather alternatives that are soft, flexible, and comfortable,” says our material sourcing partner Global Brands Group. Our handwoven, vegan leather Starlings are just one of our animal-free products. Here’s a closer look at all of our vegan shoe styles. 

woman on a bike wearing white handwoven vegan leather flats

1. The Woven Starling

Our handwoven Starling flats are made from premium vegan leather with a matte finish. The open weave makes them a breathable, seasonal option, and the vegan leather is designed to mold to your feet for ultimate comfort. The best part? They’re easy to care for and can be cleaned using a damp cloth. 

“Love that they’re made with high-quality vegan leather.” @diaryofthisgirlmegan

woman wearing vegan black velvet flats

2–3. The Starling & The Heron

Our original velvet Starling flats and velvet Heron flats are still best-selling classics. While traditional velvet is made entirely from silk (and costs several hundred dollars per yard!), the velvet used for Birdies’ shoes is made from cotton and is 100% vegan. 

woman with feet up wearing vegan floral jacquard slides

4. The Phoebe In Floral Jacquard

Known for its high luster and sheen, satin refers to the weave of the fabric rather than the material. Satin can be made from a variety of materials, and our shoes use synthetic fibers that are vegan. These Phoebe slides also feature a beautiful floral jacquard pattern. 

“Makes me so happy to see popular brands like Birdies adding vegan styles to their collections.” @tedisarah

5. The Phoebe In Black Faux Fur

Made from our classic cotton velvet, these Phoebe slides feature plush faux fur on the insides rather than our signature quilted satin. They’re super soft and work perfectly as house slippers.

woman wearing vegan peach satin slides with pom-poms

6. The Songbird

Our pretty Songbird slides feature two of our signature materials: the blush, rose crystal, and snow crystal styles feature cotton velvet, while the bellini style is made of synthetic satin. All Songbird slides are topped with playful pom-poms made from synthetic satin thread. 

Looking for more vegan shoe options? We have plenty. Check out our collection of vegan shoes and see which style is right for you.