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5 Questions with Model Elyse Taylor

We talked to Australian model Elyse Taylor to hear about her personal journey, what being bold means to her, and of course, how Birdies help her feel bold, bright, and confident.   

What’s a bold move you’ve made in your life?

The boldest move in my life was probably moving to NYC when I was only 17. It changed my life forever.

What’s one way you plan to make a bold move this year?

My life tends to change so much in 12 months,  so I try to live in the moment and be present as much as possible. I try to have the courage to always keep moving forward.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given about being bold and true to yourself?

Someone once said: "You don't have to explain why you want what you want, do what you do, love what you love, or need what you need. You are allowed to live a life some people don't understand." This advice has always stayed with me.

What advice would you give future generations of women to live boldly and with purpose?

Not to fear the unknown and to follow your dreams. Success doesn't happen overnight but with hard work and perseverance. What you don't know you can learn along the way and through failure. Always get back up and keep moving forward.

How do Birdies make you feel bright, bold, and confident?

The shoes are so incredibly comfortable and the bright colors and textures really make for amazing statement pieces.


Elyse is part of our new “Bright. Bold. Birdies.” campaign, featuring and celebrating women who embody what it means to be bold inside and out. In this series, they share their stories of success and how Birdies help them soar.