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Catch FAQ

Getting Started

What is Catch?

Catch is a free payment method that allows you to pay for online purchases directly from your bank account and earn credit to use at each time.

How do I sign up?

  1. Select Catch at checkout. You’ll be redirected to Catch to log in or create an account. 
  2. To create an account, you’ll need to provide your US phone number, name and email. You'll be prompted to link your US bank account. Catch uses Plaid to link your bank in seconds—you’ve probably done this before if you have Venmo, Robinhood, or have filed your taxes online.
  3. If you already have a Catch account, just verify your phone number and pay.
  4. You’ll receive your Birdies Catch Credits after you complete your purchase. If you haven’t received anything within 2 days, please reach out to Catch via email at or visit for live chat support

Where is Catch Available?

Catch is available for use for online purchases in the US. You must have a US phone number and US bank account to use Catch. 

Account Management

How do I view/manage my Catch account?

Log in to your account at to manage and view your credits. Click on Account in the upper right corner to update your email and phone number.

Birdies Catch Credits

How does the Catch sign up bonus work?

When you make your first purchase using Catch, you will receive a $10 bonus in addition to the 10% Birdies Catch Credit you earn for your purchase. Your $10 sign up bonus can only be redeemed on purchases at 

Do credits expire?

Yes, Birdies Catch Credits expire three months from order date.
You will receive email reminders to redeem your Birdies Catch credits before they expire.

Can I earn Birdies Catch credits with other Birdies coupon codes?

Yes, Birdies Catch Credits earned when you pay with Catch are independent from Birdies coupons or discounts.

How do I redeem my credits?

Your Birdies Catch Credits will automatically be applied when you shop with us again and pay with Catch. You can also manage your credits at any time by logging into your Catch account.

Do I earn new Birdies Catch Credits when I'm redeeming old ones?

Yes, you will earn Birdies Catch Credits on every purchase, even when redeeming old ones. The only time you won't earn Birdies Catch Credits is if you redeem so many Birdies Catch Credits that your order total is $0. If your Birdies Catch Credits are more than your order total, your remaining Birdies Catch Credits will be available to redeem on a future purchase until the original expiration date. 

Are there any restrictions on my Birdies Catch Credits?

Your Birdies Catch Credits can only be redeemed on US orders online at and must be used before they expire (Birdies Catch Credits expire 3 months from order date). 

Gift card purchases are excluded from earning and redeeming Birdies Catch Credits. 

How do I claim a gift?

To claim a gift, open the gift link that was shared with you and follow the instructions listed. If you don't yet have a Catch account, you'll be asked to create one first. If you already have an account, all you'll need to do is log in from the gift link.

Refunds & Returns

What happens to my Birdies Catch Credits if I return my purchase?

If you return part of your purchase, we will prorate the Birdies Catch Credits you earned for that purchase based on your new order total. If you return the full order, your Birdies Catch Credits will be voided.

In the event you've already redeemed the Birdies Catch Credits you earned on that purchase, your refund will be adjusted down by the amount of the Birdies Catch Credits redeemed. The same is true if you gifted the Birdies Catch Credits and they've already been claimed: your refund will be adjusted down by the amount of credits gifted.

Sign up bonus credits and referral credits are not impacted by returns

Why is my refund less than I expected?

When you return a purchase, your Birdies Catch Credits are adjusted to match your new order total.

If you’ve already redeemed your Birdies Catch Credits on another order, those Birdies Catch Credits will be deducted from your refund. Similarly, if you've gifted the credits and they've been claimed, those Birdies Catch Credits will be deducted from your refund.

Sign up bonus credits and referral credits are not impacted by returns.



Click here for Catch Terms & Conditions