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WFH Tips from Birdies’ Working Moms

Working from home every day has been tough. Working from home with kids running around is a whole other level of hard. So we asked our very own work-from-home warrior moms to share their best tips for balancing it all—plus the Birdies they’re wearing to stay comfortable.

Best Work-From-Home Advice from Birdies Co-Founder Bianca

Birdies co-founder Bianca at home with her kids Sofia and Joaquin

Kids: Sofia (10) & Joaquin (7)

Survival tip: Staying on a schedule: school work in the morning (no playing on iPads until 5 p.m.!), a creative project in the afternoon, a family walk, and dinner together every night. 

What the kids are loving right now: TikTok has been fun for the whole family. SeeSaw and Zoom for school activities. Watching Our Planet together on Netflix.

Go-to WFH outfit: A pair of very worn (and soft) jeans, light cashmere sweater, and my black velvet Starlings.

Working At Home Go-To’s from Birdies Co-Founder Marisa

Co-founder Marisa’s kids Zoe and Amelia playing outside and hugging

Kids: Zoe (9) & Amelia (7)

Survival tip: Family workouts every afternoon. They check a few boxes with one activity: spending time together, exercising, and helping them work off some energy!

What the kids are loving right now: Nailed It on Netflix and Just Dance contests on YouTube—hours of entertainment for them and the dancing is hilarious.

Go-to WFH outfit: Black joggers, a cozy sweater, and my Phoebe slides in floral jacquard. 

Best Balancing Tips from Birdies Creative Director Jackie

Jackie’s children Sullivan and Laila wearing matching outfits at home

Kids: Sullivan (5) & Laila (4)

Survival tip: This week I created a daily schedule with rewards and treats when they check an item off the list—it’s been life-changing!

What the kids are loving right now: For apps, we love the virtual library app, Libby, and Monkey Math, which their teachers recommend. Our movie of the week is Inside Out.

Go-to WFH outfit: I've been wearing my latte Starlings on repeat, as they go with everything from leggings to jeans to silky PJs.

Work-from-Home Ground Rules from Birdies Merchandising Director Robyn

Robyn’s kids Miles and Hudson relaxing with their dog on the couch

Kids: Miles (12) & Hudson (8)

Survival tip: Sticking to a basic schedule, getting some daily fresh air, a lot of flexibility around screen time, and plenty of margaritas.

What the kids are loving right now: Hudson is tearing through Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series, and Miles has been playing Battlefront 2 with his friends on the Xbox. 

Go-to WFH outfit: Boyfriend jeans, T-shirt, a cozy cardigan, and my cheetah Starlings

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