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Birdies’ Voting Resource Guide

The November election will be here before we know it, and we want to make sure you’re prepared. That’s why we’ve rounded up some key resources to help you navigate the process of registering and voting. Find out your state’s voter registration deadlines, plus more helpful dates and info, to make sure your voice is heard in this year’s elections. Remember, together we can go far when we each step up and vote.

How to Register

Visit for the easiest and safest way to register. The site has you select your state or territory and then provides links to exactly where you need to go to register. 

Voter Registration Deadlines

Registration deadlines vary by state, and the deadline could be as long as a month before the election. On U.S. Vote Foundation’s site, you’ll be directed to select your state to view election dates and deadlines. is also a good resource; it lists out in-person, by mail, and online registration deadlines, since dates may differ for each. It also notes which states have an election-day registration option. 

Check Your Voter Registration Status

Even if you’re confident that you’re already registered, it doesn’t hurt to double-check. will guide you through the steps to confirm your voter registration status. Each state has its own site that can verify your registration records, designated polling place, party affiliation, and even your voting history.

Early Voting & Vote By Mail

Every state has different rules around voting, but most offer some way of doing it before the November 3 election. We’ve found Fortune’s comprehensive guide to voting in all 50 states in the 2020 election to be an excellent resource for dates and information about early voting and voting by mail. Always do what’s best for your situation, but if you need help deciding, we’ve read that going to the polls in person or bringing your mail-in ballot to an official election ‘drop box’ instead of mailing it will be the best ways to protect your vote this year.  

We hope this post proves a valuable resource as we head into election season—bookmark it, share it, spread the word, and even consider setting calendar reminders so that we all remember to use our voices by voting. And if you’re interested in sharing the message by wearing it on your feet, check out our special, limited-edition VOTE collection shoes

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