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4 Easy Ideas for Setting the Perfect Thanksgiving Table

Set the scene for a festive Thanksgiving at home this year with 4 tips for elevating your tabletop decor (including our favorite pair of Birdies as the finishing touch). The holiday may feel different this year, but a small meal together with close family can be just as beautiful as a big feast.

close-up of tulips and taper candles

1. Choose A Statement Color

Rich browns, earth tones, shades of orange, golden yellows, and cranberry reds are all great Fall colors. When thinking about your table design, pick a standout hue that suits you, and don’t feel confined to traditional Fall hues. We chose these beautiful garnet blooms and matching taper candles—which felt like a fresh spin on more classic holiday reds—to make our table pop.

close-up of table setting with gold accents

2. Add Elevated Accents

This year’s Thanksgiving meal may not be the big feast you’re used to, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan for an elevated dinner that looks like a special occasion. Bring out the good china and cloth napkins, and think of other meaningful decor items you have in the house. We incorporated touches of gold throughout—tiny tinsel trees, napkin rings, and glassware trim—for an even more festive feeling. And don’t forget to layer. Easy tricks like stacking plates and adding little flourishes to your neatly arranged linens will make you look like a table design pro.

“Getting creative with elevated decor accents, like the heirloom crystal candle holders we used for our design, brings a nostalgic element to the table that I absolutely love!” —Hayley, style editor

close-up of pine branches, tulips, lavender sprigs, and taper candles

3. Bring The Outside In

Natural elements, like pine branches and lavender sprigs, freshen up any table setting and they smell incredible, too. Forage from your backyard or pick up seasonal items from your local florist. We’re fans of decorating with cut flowers, and we couldn’t resist these classic, goblet-shaped “Ronaldo” triumph tulips in a deep jewel tone.

woman wearing floral jacquard slides with sequin joggers

4. Dress It Up 

Just because you’re staying at home this year doesn’t mean you can’t get dressed up for the occasion, and a pretty pair of Birdies will make your Thanksgiving feel even more special. We chose our floral jacquard Phoebe slides, which just happen to tie our theme together perfectly.  


We hope you feel inspired by our Thanksgiving tablescape and picked up some tips for your own holiday table…plus a pair of Birdies flats or slides that you can wear for the special occasion. From our family to yours, we wish you a happy Thanksgiving.