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5 Questions with NFL Sportscaster Erin Andrews

We talked to Erin Andrews, the nationally recognized TV personality and NFL sportscaster for FOX Sports “A-Team” to find out how the features host and sideline correspondent got her start and how she used her broadcasting talent to become co-host of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. (She was even a contestant on the show in 2010!) Her latest venture, WEAR by Erin Andrews, is a stylish NFL women’s clothing line designed to go straight from the stadium to post-game dinners. Here, she shares her incredible personal journey, what being bold means to her, and of course, how Birdies help her feel bold, bright, and confident.

What is your definition of bold and how do you incorporate this into your day-to-day?

My definition of bold is making zero excuses…and working as hard as possible until you get to where you want to be. I’m an extremely competitive person. I want to have my hands in everything. I want to work every event and be considered for every project. And while that’s exhausting, it keeps me on top of my game.


What’s a bold move you’ve made in your life?

I went out on a limb last year and started my own NFL women’s apparel line, WEAR by Erin Andrews, in partnership with the NFL. This year, we’re more than doubling the number of products we’re offering and plan to expand to more leagues.

Who or what inspires you to be bold?

My parents! Everything I push for or try to be in my life is because of them.

What advice would you give future generations of women to live boldly and with purpose?

Keep pushing. Even when people tell you no. If you believe in yourself, show people why they should too.

How do Birdies make you feel bright, bold, and confident?

It’s hard to look fashionable on the sidelines when you are always in flats, but I need shoes that are comfortable and functional. Until I found Birdies, I had a really tough time figuring out what could work for me. The colors, styles, and feel are perfect for what I need on the football field.



Erin is part of our new “Bright. Bold. Birdies.” campaign, featuring and celebrating women who embody what it means to be bold inside and out. In this series, they share their stories of success and how Birdies help them soar.